Mas Newen cares about your body, the planet and its living cultures and wants to contribute to a healthier and more abundant life for all. We want you to truly feel good, knowing that by simply using our Regenerative Self Care products you are contributing to a positive impact on the world.

Hair Care

Our Hair Care products are pure nutrition, like superfood for your hair and scalp! No chemical additives are added for shelf life, making them work great with the ‘No-Poo’ method. They are soothing for those with a sensitive scalp and especially suitable for wavy and curly hair.

Body Care

Our Body Care products contain powerful natural ingredients that are soothing, uplifting & nourishing. They stimulate soft skin, support anti-aging, and can even reduce red and dry skin.

And, they are PH neutral that foam well, cleanse mildly, and never sting, making them perfectly suitable for sensitive skin, kids, and even babies too!