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We’re on a mission to revitalize your body, the planet and its living cultures. As a Regenerative Self Care enterprise we create pure and high performing personal care products that are conducive to all life.

Join our Affiliate community that helps us spread our message for a healthier and more abundant life for all. In return you get both a commission and some karma points!

You can promote Mas Newen by featuring our products on your website and / or your social media channels.

We feel comfortable being promoted by YOU if you understand the importance of regeneration, and you love talking about probiotics and the importance of choosing for Regenerative Self Care that nourishes your hair and skins’ microbiome. But most important of all, if you are a big fan of our probiotic hair and skin care then you might be a match as an Affiliate for our brand!

Program Benefits

  • A base 10% commission on net sales;
  • An organically growing Regenerative Self Care brand;
  • 30 days tracking cookie;
  • Promotional material available to promote Mas Newen

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