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Product information

Mas Newen Regenerative Self Care is suitable for all hair and skin types, and for young and old. A perfect fit for people with a sensitive scalp or skin and great for babies too! Also very much appropriate for Nopoo users, since Mas Newen is all-natural nourishment for the microbiome. Due to the high amount of proteins it is also very much suitable for Eco-Curly Girls and Boys.

Our Regenerative Self Care products contain a mix of fermented ingredients that are 100% plant based. In our fermentation process the enzymes from living cultures (probiotics) activate each ingredient. Mas Newen’s probiotic Regenerative Self Care products lets these living enzymes work together with your body’s and hair’s microbiome.

The smell of fermentation does not immediately appeal to everyone, as it is a bit tangy and sour. You may recognize this from kombucha, sauerkraut or other delicious fermented goods. Not to worry, our Regenerative Self Care products are mixed with tons of powerful wild harvested fruits and spices that give it a beautifully uplifting scent.

Our products are fermented, which gives them probiotic properties. Probiotics naturally stimulate, protect and nourish, while commonly used chemical substances in self care products will do the opposite; they interfere with your natural hair or body microbiome, create a disbalance or even damage it.

A microbiome is a community of microorganisms and their genetic material, better known as bacteria and fungi. These microbiomes are present in and on your body and every living being on the planet. They help your gut with digestion and on your skin they serve as a natural protective barrier. A flourishing microbiome keeps you healthy and can help to protect against viruses, bacteria and aging.

Go to our Shop page and click on ‘View product’ to see the ingredients per product.

Yes they are plantbased. Our Regenerative Self Care products contain solely 100% plant based ingredients and probiotic cultures that nourish and stimulate the health of your body’s and hair’s natural microbiome. Our probiotic products are bio-available, vegan, cruelty and additive free and contain zero micro beads. It’s pure plant power!

Yes, our products contain allergens. If you have allergic reactions to Limonene, Citral or Cinnamal then please be careful using our products. Test a small amount on your skin beforehand to see if it works well for you (or not).

Our products are made through fermentation which means that we do not have to use chemical additives for their shelf life, and the living enzymes in our soap work together with the microbiome of your body. It is pure chemistry!

You smell fermentation! This scent might not immediately appeal to everyone, as it is a bit tangy and sour. You may recognize this from kombucha, sauerkraut or other delicious, healthy fermented goods. Not to worry, our Regenerative Self Care products are mixed with tons of powerful wild harvest fruits and spices that give it a beautifully uplifting scent.

Our Regenerative Self Care is soothing for those with a sensitive scalp and is especially suitable for wavy and curly hair. Due to the high amount of proteins it gives your twist, wave or curl more definition, tames your dry and frizzy hair and gives sleek hair more volume. Often we hear that our Regenerative Self Care hair products even enhance and deepen your hair color. Mas Newen’s products are pure nutrition, like superfood for your hair and scalp!

On the one hand our Rice Bran Conditioner & Mask is a nourishing and anti-tangling product, as a conditioner is commonly used; to tame dry and frizzy hair. But all hair types benefit from Mas Newen. There are many proteins in it that give the hair – especially hair with a twist or curl – extra volume. We also often hear that the color of the hair is enhanced and deeper when using our Conditioner & Mask. Finally, it also gives the scalp a fine nutrition; a superfood for the scalp!

Mas Newen’s Regenerative Self Care products are naturally fermented and artisanally made, which is why the color of our products may differ, and/or contain some sediment. Every batch is slightly different from the other. This is all part of the natural process, and is absolutely harmless. Our 100% plant based ingredients are always the same, but the fermentation process has a bit of a life of its own, literally!

There are hundreds of bacteria strains, but the hair and skin care of Mas Newen contain the following: Lactobacillus Casei and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
These living enzymes are the probiotics that work together with the flora of your hair and skin.

Mas Newen’s products come in 100% recycled plastic (RPET) bottles. In some hair salons you can already refill your bottle. Ask about it at your salon closeby.

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