The Regenerative Travel Set. Contains your favorite Mas Newen Probiotic Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash in travel size packaging.

Place your pre-order now and the package will arrive on your doormat in the last week of November.


1 x Probiotic Lemongrass Shampoo 100ml

1 x Probiotic Rice Bran Conditioner 100ml

1 x Probiotic Cinnamon Bodywash 100ml

To be combined with our Hand Carved Wooden Comb.

Add a comb to your order, let us know your hair type, and we will make sure to pick the perfect comb for you and add it to this gift box!

 35,00 inc. VAT

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After washing my hair once I already felt the difference; finally, after all these years, I don’t have an itchy scalp anymore!

I’m loving the scent of fermentation, and it feels so great on my skin!

Love love love! Good for me, and good for the planet!